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Jacqui Burnett


Dare to Ask is a bespoke advisory practice that specialises in combining the financial health of the business with the emotional well being of individuals.

Specialising in short to medium term engagements, clients are guided from complexity or confusion to a place of clarity, by recognising that a business is more than just the balance sheet and income statement.


If you’re a business owner facing any of the challenges listed below, we can help you by providing the following services:

Strategic Advisory

If you are:

  • wanting to unlock shareholder value
  • in distress and in need of a fast turnaround
  • at a stage of forced change due to rapid growth
  • desiring or about to enter an M&A* deal
  • requiring an exit strategy, be it for retirement, divorce or other
  • experiencing unexpected loss of a business partner or key staff member
  • in need of developing a business strategy
  • requiring strategic workshops for management or teams
  • growing and positioning your business to attract a deal

Business Advisory

To analyse and guide you through:

  • understanding and dealing with financial risk
  • understanding and dealing with operational risks
  • re-engineering strategies and process
  • business valuations and interpretations thereof
  • understanding acquisitions or exit strategies
  • facilitation, negotiation and or mediation, be it for M&A* deals, exit strategies, retirement, divorce or death
  • leadership development
  • strategic relationships with customers and suppliers
  • innovative marketing assessment and communications strategies

* M&A refers to all traditional Mergers, traditional Acquisitions, Management Buy Outs, BEE Deals, Second Generation Transfers and Strategic Alliances.

To get clarity on your business challenges, you have to dare to ask the questions that will unlock the wisdom of answers you aren’t yet able to see.


A holistic and integrative approach to your business and how it impacts on you, regardless of the complexity of change, is utilised to optimise your external and internal income statement and balance sheets.

Change for any business, be it from high-growth or a position of distress, requires one to be daring enough to question the status quo and wise enough to review the business through multiple lenses to identify multiple strategies.

This courageous approach will challenge you to the edge of your comfort zone, thereby empowering you to make better operational and financial decisions necessary to transform your business.

“Jacqui’s strategic ability, process mind and financial astuteness have taken many of her clients to new levels of Sales and Profitability.”

Qualifications & Experience

I have a B Comm with majors in Economics and Industrial Psychology, an MBA specialising in Corporate Finance, Corporate Innovation and Renovation, Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment Banking. I am also a certified Integral Coach. See my LinkedIn profile for details of work experiences, previous positions and certifications.

If you are curious about my work as an Author and Speaker, please click here.

Current Clients

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of my work, it’s not possible to provide testimonials from my client base, however, I am happy to connect you with individuals who would be willing to share their experience confidentially with you.

“Jacqui is extremely dedicated and highly intelligent. She can pay meticulous attention to detail but at the same time see the bigger picture.”


I am supported by a network of professionals in the following fields; legal, accounting, bookkeeping, digital marketing, human resources and private wealth management, with long standing relationships and a track record of success with collaborative dealings.


At risk fees, success based fees, equity positions, and standard hourly professional fees are considered based on each individual engagement.

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